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Your Injury Rehab Therapy Center in Chattanooga, TN for Better Long-Term Healing Results!



Injuries are always unexpected, and they certainly get in the way of your daily life. If you’re suffering in pain and discomfort from an injury, our medical staff at Apple Medical Centers is on hand to help you heal and Regain Your Life!


Apple Medical Centers is your Rehabilitation Center for physical injury. We stay with you every step of the way—from your initial visit until you experience better healing! Our medical staff takes the time to get to know you and your individual health goals. We believe in modern, proven, science-based medical methods, which focus on natural healing with the least invasive measures.


You’ll get the advantage of not just one doctor, but a full team collaborative effort. Whether you need exercise therapy, rehabilitation, physical medicine or massage, you get the benefit of a team of medical specialists working for you.


Your medical team will create a customized care plan to help you avoid invasive surgery and expensive prescription painkillers with unwanted side effects. And you’ll receive the tools to allow your body to heal itself!


Injury Rehab and Exercise Therapy can help many injuries and health conditions:

  • Car accident injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Work-related injuries
  • Spine and neck injuries
  • Neuromuscular disorders
  • Chronic pain
  • Headaches / Migraines
  • Joint injuries
  • Trigger point pain
  • And much more!


You Can Be as Strong and Healthy as You Want. Come See Our Team to Get Started Today!


Rehabilitation Services in Chattanooga, TN: Healing Patients with Physical Injuries


Whether you’re a competitive athlete, a weekend warrior or a busy parent, you don’t want an injury to keep you from doing the things you enjoy most. That’s why our holistic approach at Apple Medical Centers will get you back on your feet faster. Plus we’ll provide steps that you can take to keep your injury from reoccurring.


Our medical team offers evidence-based, cost-effective treatments that can alleviate and heal your pain. In fact, any condition that affects your ability to move freely and without pain can be helped by exercise therapy. The proper injury rehab and exercise therapy program will help build your strength, improve your balance and flexibility, and increase your power and endurance.


How Does Injury Rehab & Exercise Therapy Work?


When you can’t enjoy your favorite activities, or when daily tasks and work make for painful days, life can become difficult—both physically and mentally. Injury rehab and exercise therapy can improve mobility and motion in any part of your body. And it provides a conservative, noninvasive option to surgery.


Rehabilitative Therapy is the practice to regain full function after an injury through a variety of exercises and stretches. Rehabilitation after an injury is as important as your treatment, but it’s often overlooked. Our goal is to help you regain your pre-injury activity levels and prevent the chance of re-injury through complete rehabilitation and strengthening.


Using a multidisciplinary medical team methodology, each patient at Apple Medical Centers is evaluated individually to determine their specific rehabilitative needs. During your initial visit, we’ll perform a thorough exam and record a detailed medical history. Your medical team will then create a care plan to addresses any injuries, impairments, and functional restrictions you may be experiencing.

Your customized injury rehab care plan may include several modes of treatment:

  • Direct pain management, such as topical creams or medical massage to heal the pain at the source
  • Nutritional counseling to help with diet planning, weight loss goals, and food allergies
  • Direct application of heat and/or ice to reduce pain and inflammation
  • Manual therapy and adjustments through therapeutic procedures to improve blood flow, help boost relaxation, and promote nutrients and healing to injured areas
  • Customized, targeted exercises to strengthen muscles while improving flexibility, balance, and range of motion


We’ll help you set realistic goals on your path to injury recovery. Our goal is to aim for achieving the highest functional level possible for you. Our medical staff focuses on treatment, healing, and prevention of physical disorders—especially those involving nerves, muscles, bones, and the brain.


Prevent Re-injury and Maintain Your Health with Exercise Therapy.

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