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Alternative Therapy & Amniotic Allograph Treatments in Chattanooga, TN


Isn’t it time to regain your life? We understand what it’s like to suffer with debilitating pain or a condition that has changed your lifestyle. Life is too short to be unnecessarily burdened with chronic pain and dysfunction. Our goal is to help patients reach their full healing potential without the unwanted side effects associated with pain medications or invasive surgical procedures.


At Apple Medical Centers, our focus is always to offer the best medical care for our patients. To continuously offer the best medical care, we stay on top of the most recent medical studies and advancements.


Today’s regenerative medicine is a new and alternative application of medical expertise that’s reaching far beyond the once-thought limitations of healing. At Apple Medical Centers in Chattanooga, TN, our highly trained medical technicians are using this cutting-edge scientific approach to healing with great success.


Our patients are discovering the ability of Amniotic Allograft treatments to stimulate healing in body tissues. And some patients who believed that there was no hope for their condition are now finding new hope through regenerative therapy with Amniotic Allograph.


Amniotic Tissue Treatments Have Been Used for More Than 100 Years


Stem cells are defined as an undifferentiated cell of a multicellular organism that is capable of regenerating more cells of the same type, and from which certain other kinds of cells can arise by differentiation.


Amniotic Allograft injections have been in use since 1910, when they were first introduced as a way to restore skin in burn victims using amniotic skin cells (cells taken from the amniotic tissue of the placenta). Although Amniotic Allograft has been successfully used in medical applications for decades, this therapy has only been more widely used in the past 10 years. It’s only recently that advances in cell biology, immunology, and other fields have led to the discovery of new ways to use this medical innovation.


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How you’re Treatment Works


Naturally occurring stem cells boost the body’s natural ability to heal itself. This process takes place normally every day; when you cut your skin, your cells immediately begin replicating to repair the damage. However, this process doesn’t take place as readily in your organs or in other parts of your body.


Regenerative Therapy using Amniotic Allograph is comprised of powerful growth factors—hyaluronic acid, stem cells, and cytokines— that provide enormous healing and regenerative benefits. When growth factors are introduced to an area that is acutely or chronically injured, our patients experience healing benefits that could not be obtained from traditional medicine. These growth factors provide more dramatic healing because they are a natural component of our blood. When growth factors are injected into the area of injury, these cells work at a much greater capacity. This can improve healing that might not otherwise be possible.


Regenerative therapy may not be right for everyone. But it may be right for you! We think our patients deserve the most advanced treatments available. That’s why Apple Medical Centers offers regenerative and Amniotic Allograft therapies.


Regenerative Therapy involves administering specific types of cells to diseased tissues or organs. Regenerative Therapy is the next step in quality medical solutions that are designed to heal the body from within.


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After six knee surgeries and constant knee pain, I reached out to Apple Medical Center to take advantage of their stem cell injections. Before stem cell I had constant knee pain, limped, and could not walk up stairs. Eight weeks after my injection I am totally pain free and excited to test my “new” knee. The friendly and professional staff was an added bonus and I would definitely recommend Apple Medical to all my friends.


- J Hartman

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