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Patient Reviews of Apple Medical Centers in Chattanooga TN

Stem Cell Therapy

I was so excited to receive an amniotic stem cell injection in my “crippled” right shoulder. 16 years ago, a sports injury was misdiagnosed and an errant surgical procedure left me in a state to where I could no longer work with weight bearing exercise on my right shoulder. This surgery changed my life. I was told by multiple doctors that “if I had gotten you before the surgery I could have helped, but now you’ll need replacement.” I’ve always refused replacement with hopes that technology would catch up. When my wife and I attended a free Apple Medical overview on stem cell therapy, I became cautiously optimistic. But I thought my damage was too severe. After an evaluation, I was told that I was the “perfect candidate.” I cried. Now, 10 weeks later, I’m on my way to what I’m hoping is a full recovery. My range of motion is ten times anything I’ve seen in 16 years and the pain level is slowly and consistently going down. Apple associates are fantastic. Thank you.

-J McGowan


Joint Injections

I called Apple Medical to see if they could help me with my severe hand and wrist pain. It was to the point I wanted to cut my hand off to feel better. They took x-rays and found some arthritis starting in my knees. I also had some really tight knots in my neck and back that were affecting my arm and hand. They explained how the system works. Physical Rehab and adjustments three times a week, trigger point injections (worked great on my upper back knots), knee injections. The time went by really quick. I kept teasing them saying they were going to turn me into the bionic woman! I will say, it was worth it. I have more energy than I’ve had in years. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the staff. They are wonderful, friendly, supportive, and just plain fun! Do something good for yourself to feel better soon.

-T Burgen


Shoulder Injury

Just a few words describing my treatment at Apple Medical Center: I became a patient back in October 2016. I initially came in for shoulder and knee pain and inflammation. I was not aware of the other causes of my issues. As I began treatment, I was educated by the staff of root causes for my issue. They began to help me to regain strength and better use of my shoulders and knees through the exercises and injections. I learned to strengthen those areas instead of avoiding use of them. Now I’m back to doing life again in the gym and at home, work is not the same as I’m stronger and make it through the work day with ease. I highly recommend their treatment. Thank you.

- K Arnold


Knee Injury

When I first came to Apple Medical, I had it in my head that knee surgery was my only option for the pain. After completing the program, my knees are 100% better and I once again have complete use of my knees. My quality of life has improved and I have become more aware of my personal health. Thank you to the friendly, knowledgeable staff at Apple Medical! My physical health is back to normal once again.

- M Millsaps


Muscle Injury

Apple has been an awesome experience. The exercises were good and helped strengthen the muscles surrounding the joints. The adjustments always helped. Fun, friendly atmosphere. I didn’t always want to come in, but once I did, I felt much better. Of course, the CR’s were my favorite-especially the traps! See you all on maintenance days!

Also, I loved TPI’s, braces, tape… Thank you all!

- A Barker


Physical Rehab

The therapy was a success. I feel a whole lot better today from ten weeks ago. This really helped me in all areas. The staff was really great and I would recommend anybody to come; I know a lot of people dealing with the same as I was and I will be recommending them. If I need healing again, this is the place I will be coming to. Thanks a lot, you all were very helpful!

- A Saumons


Spinal Decompression

I’m so glad that I found Apple Medical. I spent years in pain trying to avoid surgery and with their help I did just that. Their caring staff and combination of Physical Rehab along with manipulation has really made a difference in my life. I can’t tell you how bad of shape I was in when I first walked in the door, but instead of a 57 year old woman, I looked more like 90! My knees hurt, my back, my neck, my arms! And I had been like this for over 5 years. My quality of life was pretty much gone. I couldn’t do any of the things that I enjoyed. I found Apple Medical on Facebook and made the appointment. It was the best thing I could have done. I have been pain free in my knees for almost a year now! My back and neck are also much better. I did decompression therapy and regained the use of my hand and arm. I’m able to crochet and garden again and dance with my husband! Would I recommend Apple Medical? In a word, YES!

- V Butler


Posture Correction

Everyone here is so friendly and helpful. I have been feeling a lot better with much fewer headaches and much improved posture. I have recommended and will continue recommending Apple Medical and MiRx to others. Thank you!

- J Carroll


Migraine Headaches

Today is April 29th, the first day in two months that I have woken up without a headache! My exercises and shots have helped me tremendously, and I have just started my therapy. Thank you SO much Apple Medical! You guys are awesome!

- A Emmert


Neck Pain

My neck had been hurting for months. I thought I had slept wrong. I was taking pain relief medication every day. Apple came to USXpress for a health fair. I came to them the first of May in serious pain morning, noon, and night. Now 10 weeks later, no pain! I truly believe now, adjustments do work! Thanks.

- T Pellam


Back Pain

Since receiving treatment at Apple, my low back pain has improved greatly. I have learned stretches and exercises that have reduced my pain significantly. The chiropractic adjustments are great, too. The staff here is wonderful.

- L Johnson

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