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Safe and Natural Treatment of Your Muscle Pain and Muscle Injuries


Alleviate Pain with Trigger Point Injection Treatment in Chattanooga, TN


At Apple Medical Centers, we know that muscle injuries can be debilitating. You can be in pain when moving and even when at rest. It can be difficult to find a comfortable position to sit, stand or sleep. And that means you may rarely get a break from ongoing muscle pain.


Your muscle pain may be the result of a traumatic injury or event. Sometimes a muscle injury can occur without knowing when or how it happened. Your pain may be acute and felt immediately, or chronic and hurting only during certain activities.


We want to help you feel better again and regain your life! At Apple Medical Centers, we’re using a modern medical solution for your muscle pain and muscle injury. Our highly trained medical staff can target trigger point injections to treat the specific area of your muscle pain. It’s a quick and easy treatment for your muscle pain that can be done in a single office visit.


Let Us Help You Regain Your Life with a Better Pain Solution in Chattanooga, TN


Muscle Injuries Often Get Worse with Time


Muscle injuries may seem like a local pain at first. But if left untreated, it can affect other parts of your body. A muscle affected by a trigger point will tighten and become weak. As a result, you will instinctively stop using the muscle.


Once the muscle is no longer being exercised normally, your surrounding muscles work hard to compensate. This compensation for the injured muscle will then lead to all surrounding areas becoming tense, stressed, and overworked. And it can throw your body out of alignment. Once your body is out of alignment, you can suffer from an array of pain issues, including spine issues. And it all started by a small knot in your muscle!


What Is Trigger Point Therapy?


Myofascial tissue is a thin, strong, and fibrous tissue that surrounds the muscles in your body, providing support and protection to your muscles, joints, and bones. After suffering an injury, trigger points—or small muscle knots—can form in the myofascial tissue surrounding your affected muscle. These knots can cause mild, moderate or even severe pain. When trigger points form in your myofascial tissue, the result can be sporadic, sharp or chronic pain.


During your initial visit, our medical team at Apple Medical Centers will locate any trigger points, or adhesions, that are causing you pain and discomfort. Locating and releasing these adhesions can alleviate your muscle pain!


Apple Medical Centers Will Get to the Root of Your Pain with a
Quick, Natural Treatment Plan.


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How Do Trigger Point Injections Heal Muscle Injuries?


Our medical team at Apple Medical Centers has a wide array of options for your muscle injury.  Some patients respond well to manual chiropractic adjustments. If trigger points are more established, leading to referred pain in other areas, trigger point injections may be necessary to release the tension in your surrounding muscles.


We use a Serapin trigger point injection at the site of your trigger point, or adhesion. Serapin, a natural substance derived from the pitcher plant, can de-activate the nerve that is causing your symptoms. Our injections target the specific area of your muscle injury to quickly release tension.


As your injured muscle relaxes, it can begin working again. Then the surrounding muscles become less tense and return to their normal jobs. You’ll enjoy a more relaxed body and increased range of motion.


After your treatment, we encourage you to use the affected muscle to prevent stiffness. And your medical team will collaborate to give you a customized care plan that includes at-home exercises and stretches to keep those trigger points at bay and allow your muscles to function at an optimal level.


A Drug-Free Solution to Your Muscle Pain


Many patients rely on expensive prescription drugs or continuous over-the-counter medication to get through every day. Unfortunately, medication does nothing to solve your problem. Medication only masks the symptoms of your muscle injury. And your muscle pain is sure to return once the medication wears off.


At Apple Medical Centers, our highly-skilled medical staff will find the source of your pain and treating it at that precise spot. If you have any of the following symptoms of muscle injury and strain, we can help!


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